Cisterns, the Reuse of water in air-conditioning systems Generating economy, efficiency and sustainability

It's so nice to find alternatives to make our life easier, reducing the impact of our actions and adapting the small creature comforts present in our daily lives, isn't it? For this, we can use resources that would otherwise be wasted without increasing our energy demand and achieve positive results. And best of all: it generates in your savings account. The nature and your Pocket thank! Thanks to policies introduced to ensure a conscious use of all our resources, issues such as preservation and sustainability are being increasingly discussed and Tecnotri has always offered (and offer) new possibilities in plastic, so-and also to the lack of water in some regions-the Modular Vertical Tank promises to be a success. The use of rain water collected in water cooling towers, evaporative condensers and coolers is one of the great ideas to keep the focus on preserving the environment. These options should be widely disseminated so that educating the population about its benefits, since your energy efficiency can reach, on average, to be 30% higher than the air cooled systems. The use of cisterns can be enough to ensure the functioning of air conditioners to large offices, with enough surplus for use in gardens and driveways. In Brazil, we have several commercial and industrial installations consuming water for reuse in your HVAC and refrigeration systems, such as aWEG/Blumenau, which adopts a policy to eliminate waste, conserve energy and help the environment. Have you ever thought, save on the consumption of drinking water and electrical energy consumption? So walks to humanity: side by side with technology and with great strides toward an increasingly sustainable. RECYCLED WATER TECNOTRI KITS Kits Reuso De Agua Tecnotri Baixe O Guia

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