Eight Advantages of using Pallets Unitizadores For reverse logistics

The pallets unitizadores has a function of great importance for industry: facilitate the storage and transportation of loads through the volume group, through supports such as the pallets for sleeves or pallets for boxes. We separate the six major benefits of using pallets for your company unitizadores, check below: 1-Enables a reduction in operating time, increasing the turnover of production cycles; Pallet Unitizador 001 2-reduction of costs and expenses, noted the cost of freight (freight transport); 3-Decrease the incidence of theft, loss and damage of goods; 4-Optimizing the space used by the versatility of versions; Pallet Unitizador 002 6-reduction of labelling and marking of cargo, due to the minor presence of packages; 7-decreased need for labor due to increased automation of the production process; Pallet Unitizador 004-8 Possibility of application of the concept of "global transport system", in which the load moves in unitized form since the dependencies of the producer to the final consumer or retail store. Analyzing the advantages pointed out, and thinking about the best and most modern in the market for the thread, the Tecnotri created a whole line dedicated to the sector. The pallets developed by Tecnotri are plastic pallets, developed from plastic rotational molding process. Its main features are your high robustness, non toxic, immunity to fungi and bacteria and great versatility. Meet up close this structure to your revolutionary logistics, there is only a click away:

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