Environmental Protection With the containment Pallet: Because the ISO 14001 is so important To your company.

The ABNT NBR ISO 14001 is more than a standard, but an attitude. Applicable to any type of organization that seeks to have a correct guiding environmental performance in the implementation of environmental management systems. ISO 14001 is a seal of a correct posture, being a symbol of industrial management of environmental respect and safe practices. Exercised primarily by automobile, petrochemical and chemical sectors, ISO 14001 acts as an action plan to ensure the environmental management of an organization. In other words, actions that certify an ecologically correct posture for the company and your consumer. One of the prominent points on the implementation of ISO 14001 is the use of equipment and proper procedures throughout the manufacturing process, in regard to environmental legislation. Use products that are compatible to the company and to the processes, is essential. The use of methods of work and materials to aid in the control, prevention and reduction of pollution, as well as the efficient use of natural resources with low environmental impact. A equipment intended to assist in compliance with the ISO 14001 is the pallet. Developed for industries and companies in the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical segment, the pallet of restraint prevents leakage of liquids and flammable chemicals contaminate the site, helping the environment and security of employees, reducing losses and allowing reuse. Made from rotomolded plastic, pallet container is recyclable, immune to chemical, light, easy to transport and clean, maintenance-free and meets OSHA standards and 40 CFR 264. You can walk with pallet truck, forklift truck or cart. Pallet of Contencao Tecnotri a company certified with ISO 14001 is the Ipiranga Stations network, that values sustainable conduct throughout your supply chain and distribution. The legislation ensures the Ipiranga reducing unwanted leaks, not contamination, environmental conservation, pollution reduction and control and the promotion of environmental awareness among employees and consumers. For Tecnotri, which manufactures products to enhance the productive and industrial enterprises management in a sustainable way, that environmental concern is part of his ideals. So, produce a diversity of articles 100% recyclable, non toxic and resistant, helping companies of different sectors in compliance with standards, safe and eco-friendly procedures. Knife break companies certified with ISO 14001 and guarantee a productive efficient and correct management of the company. Would you like to find out more products that help with ISO 14001 visit our link. Is the Tecnotri, assisting in ecological productivity, safe and effective.  

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