Kepler Weber-Plastic Pallet in agribusiness

Success in storage and quality approved by Kepler Weber

Award-winning nationally for your Excellency, the Kepler Weber company, specialized in the development of innovative solutions for storage, is a company that values ethical and sustainable. With a focus on agribusiness sector, the Kepler Weber ensures the quality of its products and highlights the importance of the use of plastic pallets, Tecnotri on the primacy of your production process. There are several benefits of plastic pallet storage and logistics of the company, can point as main advantages the resistance to impacts, chemical agents and no need for maintenance. Another feature highlighted by the company about the plastic pallets is the possibility of product customization provided by Tecnotri, since the formulation of models with different colors and freedom of standardization of dimensions according to the specifications and needs of the client. The Tecnotri seeks to offer the best services and products, to continue providing good experiences at companies such as Kepler Weber. Want to know how the plastic pallet can assist your company? Contact. "click

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