Northeast Foods. The Plastic Pallet Bringing innovation and quality in production processes

One of the largest producers of wheat in the Brazilian scenario is the Northeast Foods. Founded in 1946, in the northeast of Rio Grande do Sul, the company came up with an emphasis on an automated wheat milling system, and specialized in the cereal market.

Currently, the Northeast has focused the attention of industrial clients, customizing your products and helping them grow. It also empowers innovation combined with market needs, symbolized by the CINA (Northeast Foods innovation centre), which focuses on the development of innovative processes and products in partnership with universities and institutions.

The wheat production emphasizes the concern with the excellence of its services through the expansion of your plant and acquisition of plastic pallets to meet major customers.

The acquisition of plastic pallets also symbolizes the importance given by the company to brazilian legislation regarding the storage and transportation of food. An example of this is respect for the laws of good manufacturing practices (GMP), and compliance with the health requirements required by ANVISA.

The pallets used by the Northeast foods are the Tecnotri plastic pallets, a product of high quality and modernity to the market. These guarantee immunity antibactariana, easy cleaning and reduction of transport weights up to 21%. It is worth noting that the plastic pallets have high durability, maintenance and generating a positive return for the client on the initial investment.

The plastic pallets Tecnotri also allow the storage of different types of content both in internal and external environments, in addition to permit easy identification of the goods and traceability.

As well as the Tecnotri, the Northeast is a company that produces for industries and households. Successful Union in products and quality at work.


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