Plastic pallet: the solution for your Logistic Problems

Porta Pallet Tecnotri

The use of Plastic Pallets in the industry has become something more and more recurring. Because they are more hygienic, structures and sustainable economic front to other types of pallets, industries and companies have chosen by your application in its piecemeal management logistics. One of the companies that uses the plastic pallet to optimize its services is the Distributor, the biggest and best wholesaler of the northern region of Brazil. The Distributor's mission is to add value to their customers by offering transportation and distribution. Being a strong company in the market and innovative nature, points out that the need to use high standard logistical equipment is essential for the good performance of its services. Was reflecting on companies like Coca-Cola and its productive requirements that Tecnotri if offering to create the best and most modern types of rotomolded plastic pallet. The Plastic Pallets offered by Tecnotri have several attributes that strengthen market front. Are products derived from rotomolded plastic, being versatile, high strength and long service life. Also have immunity against fungi and bacteria due to the presence of Antimicrobial and UV additives KHER-14. Other salient features of the Tecnotri Plastic Pallets, highlighted by Distribuidora Coimbra, are the fact that they are up to 70% lighter than the wooden pallets, with constant weights and waive long-term maintenance, being these 3 points indicated as fundamental in the decision to purchase the company. All plastic products Tecnotri meet the specifications of ANVISA (national health surveillance Agency) and ABNT NBR 1642, Class 1.2 and 3. Got interested? Click the link and check out the models of pallets Tecnotri. Capa Pallets Plasticos Com Fundo Site

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