Practicality that makes the difference at the 12th Brazil Filling

From 26 to 29 April, the Tecnotri presents its products to the food industry in Brazil, which Packaging fair from 14 to 9:00 pm in the Park events in Bento Gonçalves-RS.  The event brings together big brands of the segment and exposes new machines and equipment for the food-processing and industrialization – with an emphasis on packaging and logistics. With safe, fast and economical solutions for various industries from the rotomolding process, the Tecnotri features modern and high standard for the transport and storage of cargoes, segregated or not, allowing direct contact with food. All Tecnotri products are 100% recyclable, have antimicrobial additive (Kher), are tailored to the health conditions of Anvisa, the good manufacturing practices and the ABNT. The Pallets, Plastic bowls, containers and cargo Tecnotri Safes are lightweight, versatile, resistant to wide variations of temperature, -35° C to 60° C, they are easy to sanitize, avoid contamination by fungi and bacteria and have long service life. In addition, they come in different sizes, according to the needs of each business. As the container models 110, 300, 320, 600, and 650 litres that will be at the booth. The Tecnotri ensures high quality procedures, improving the performance of logistics enterprises, leaving the heavy and complex jobs much lighter. Who is the Packaging can meet Brazil closely all the advantages of these innovative products. Visit the fair and surprise yourself! Brazil 26 to 29 bottles of APRIL | FROM 14 at 9:00 pm EVENT PARK | BENTO GONÇALVES-RS more info:

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