Residential condominiums: the Economics of drinking water Closer than you think

Once the readjustment of accounts is becoming increasingly common and greater, the whole economy is welcome, especially if we're talking about a sustainable control of a resource of immense importance. One of the main challenges is control over the excessive expense of water. Even if necessary, in times of water crisis, the urgency in your preservation makes the alarming topic. The Tecnotri presents a solution to assist in the preservation of those goods so precious: the water, with the Modular Tecnotri Cistern. In addition to being an ideal reservoir for homes, apartments and compact spaces, the Modular Tecnotri Cistern still has an incredible possibility: the installation in residential condominiums. Want to know why it is so important for residential kits?

  • With the practice of Reuse of rainwater you can save up to 50% drinkable water consumption. The water is a great option for irrigation of gardens, washing sidewalks and cleaning floors.
  • The Modular Tank is compact and takes up little space. Moreover, it has a modern design and aesthetically pleasing. Produced in various colors, can integrate peacefully the most different environments such as facades, hallways, garages and gardens.
  • Easy to install, the Tecnotri Cistern, also called recycled water Kit, you don't have to be buried, just plug the pipe of the tank directly on the roof. Own anti-folhas filter, options to install 5 hydrants and/or drains.
  • With capacity of up to 1000 litres per module, the tanks can be connected in series, expanding your storage capacity as usage requirements.
  • Features UV-14 and Antimicrobial additives that prevent the spread of fungi and bacteria in the tank, in addition to external agents as a mosquito of dengue is fully fenced.
  • The system of combating Fires says the requirement that all housing development have reservoirs that store water for emergencies. In this case, the appropriateness of modular tanks is ideal for water storage necessary.

In addition, the Modular Tecnotri Tanks are coming from the most modern manufacturing processes, having as raw material (polyethylene) rotomolded plastic, which ensures high strength and long service life. The Tecnotri creates sustainable products, thinking always to help companies and individuals, to make their lives easier and cost-effective. Small details that generate great results. Is the Tecnotri thinking about nature and people.

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