Tanks in condominiums Generating water savings

Actions like recycling, the correct disposal of waste, growing community gardens, rainwater catchment, water reuse for activities that do not require drinking water, among many others, have been constant concerns in the lives of many people in our country. And, to encourage and regulate this kind of attitude, some laws have been regulated, to ensure that these practices, beneficial to all, to become part of our daily lives. The new Kits of Reuse of water Tecnotri, that capture rainwater and washing machine for use on various functions of your home, how to wash floors, cars, watering plants, gardens, weatherize environments and to flush toilets.

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"500"] Cistermas in Condominiums
predicting savings of 5 to 6000 litres per week, using water from the drain of pools in the washing of floors and part of it, returned to swimming pools after the decanting process inside of tanks. Already the circuit water that collects rainwater will be intended for the cleaning of common areas, irrigation of gardens and plants. Cistermas in Condominiums Result: a large amount of water saved and, in case there is need for an increase in capacity, the inclusion of more tanks will be very simple, just connecting others to existing modules. Cistermas in Condominiums the best cost-benefit ratio. The price of the kits is well accessible, especially considering that the return on your investment, with the economy generated on account of drinking water is fast. They may have a capacity of 150, 325, 600, 1000, 1100 and 1825 and the values vary between R $658 and R $2,858. And worth every penny! Recycled water Tank Kit 1000 and 600 Liters Tecnotri DESIGN, functionality and innovation. Modular tanks, known as recycled water Kits, have modern and sophisticated design, are very light, resistant and can be installed in small environments. The kits are easy to install, come in various colors and are completely ecofriendly. But it is not only the preservation of the environment that the Tecnotri bet, is also on our health and our economy. The tanks are, have antimicrobial additive atoxic Kher, which avoids the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, and even help you save up to 50% on account of drinking water. AEDES AEGYPTI? NO, I DON'T. SHOO, MOSQUITO! Who lives in tropical and subtropical areas have passed a lot of trouble trying to educate yourself and others about actions that prevent the proliferation of the dengue mosquito, zika and chikungunya. The recycled water Tecnotri Kit has Smart filter, a special filtering system in 4 steps: antifolhas filter, decanter, fine filter and filter, chlorinator, which AIDS in no water contamination by bacteria and insects. The cistern is totally sealed and, thanks to the chlorination system, ensures total security against Aedes Aegypti. Grupo De Cisternas Tecnotri MODULAR SYSTEM. One of the major differentiators of the tank Tecnotri is the possibility of the modules are connected to each other. With that, the storage capacity in the residences, offices and condominiums may be increased, just connect a tank to another. And best of all: an easy way and without the completion of civil works or major changes in the structure of the site. See how easy it is? With the Reúdo Tecnotri water Kits, you save water, preserves the planet and your pocket too! Baixe O Guia

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