The Plastic Pallet in Ervateira Industry

O Pallet Plástico Na Indústria Ervateira

For the food industry is essential care for the correct handling of foods, throughout the production chain, from your raw materials, to the distribution of the final product. A company that works in accordance with the health rules, and press for the excellence of its products is the Green Sap Ervateira. Always seeking to ensure the total satisfaction of its customers, the Ervateira follows a rigorous hygiene and quality control in the production of yerba mate. Invests in products and technologies to ensure the productive process of excellence with the help of products like pallet rotationally molded plastic, providing a secure environment and free of contamination by fungi and bacteria. According to the SAP green, the main benefit brought by the Tecnotri plastic pallet is the economy. After all, the plastic pallet is a product of constant weight, long service life and who needs no maintenance, which makes the company a significant reduction in logistical expenses. In addition, the plastic pallets are recommended by ANVISA as correct and safe structures for the transport and storage of goods in the food industry, therefore they possess high resistance, easy cleaning, and bacterial immunity, increasing significantly the security and control of hygiene and cleanliness in the handling of products for human consumption. Industries of various sectors have been using the plastic pallet as the Tecnotri pallets, primarily by your versatility, ability to sanitize and don't waste generation, thus, work accidents with splinters and nails. The Plastic Pallet, ensures businesses and industries to standardization of the transport system, and the framing to ISO 1400 and ANVISA. Want to know more? Click here and check out all the benefits of Plastic Pallet.

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