Vertical tank is to star in new space For Sustainable Architecture

Develop buildings that respect and to integrate the environment sustainably and economically viable it is essential these days. With this focus the House Alive Sustainable Architecture comes to Maceió, bringing eco-efficient solutions, such as vertical gardens, ecotelhados and tanks for water reuse. House Alive Sustainable Architecture according to Michel, responsible for Home Alive, the reuse of water, in every possible way, is essential for achieving a minimum level of eco-efficiency in a building. Thus, the modular tanks contribute decisively as an architectural solution of innovative design and complete for the reuse of water in homes, condos, trade and industries. House Alive Sustainable Architecture the great differential of the Vertical Tank developed by Tecnotri is simplicity in installation, your the compact form, capable of capturing between 600 to 1000 litres of water per module, occupying a much smaller space. This tank model can be easily implemented in many different environments, without the need for structural changes. With only 1.7 meters high by 55 cm wide, 600 Liters module can be installed in halls, garages, and places with little space, just plug it into the roof. House Alive Sustainable Architecture in the House Alive, was installed a modular 600 liters tank, which enables an eco-system for the building. In just two days of rain, were picked up 600 litres of water which is totally reused in irrigation of vertical garden, cleaning of equipment and production process of the company, generating significant savings in the consumption of drinking water. Tecnotri tanks as well as an effective contribution to the development of environments and best and sustainable cities, the economic return due to cost reduction and resource economics as the water dilutes quickly the values invested in the system. Baixe O Guia  

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