Leverage your logistics With the use of Plastic Pallets. Meet the Case of b. Braun

A case of great success on the use of plastic pallets in the pharmaceutical industry is the case of the German company b. Braun. B. Braun is a pharmaceutical laboratory of great national prestige, being present in the country since 1954. Under the slogan of "Sharing Experience", or "shared experience", the company preaches as values innovation, efficiency and sustainability applied to your entire supply chain. The laboratory emphasizes that your mission is to develop products to improve the quality of life of their patients, and to leverage investments in search that your structure and equipment. The use of plastic pallets, which symbolizes a company's suitability to market demands, modernity and the quest for the best solution for internal logistics, with security and credibility operations. Among the great variety of industries producing plastic pallets, b. Braun has chosen the Tecnotri to assist it in the performance of their services in the best possible way. The Tecnotri plastic pallets are manufactured in the rotomolding process, and its main features are: • monobloc Product, smooth surface and constant weight • maintenance Waiver, possessing long life • has UV14 and Antimicrobial additives, being immune to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria • can be stored in internal and external environments is a versatile product, with extensive color chart and models • Has own traceability generating easy identification of the goods in addition to the benefits listed, the plastic pallets Tecnotri respect to legislation proposed by the ANVISA, like good manufacturing practices, ensuring health and hygiene conditions ideal for their products. Do as b. Braun and leverage to your production with the use of the best available equipment for your company. Tecnotri, following the needs of the market and the best for you.  

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