Plastic Applied In Industry And Its Advantages

Plastico Na Industria

The rotomolding industry is one of the largest plastic transformation segment growth in Brazil and in the world. Among its main advantages is the possibility of elaboration of parts of large dimensions, normally difficult to be obtained in other industrial processes. The rotomolding provides plastic solutions of high quality and resistance to the most different market sectors, such as industrial, commercial, logistics, food, agriculture, construction, environmental, decoration among others. Rotomoldadas parts are made from polyethylene, a plastic versatile, robust, and with thermal resistance and antimicrobial. The end product developed, and is 100% recyclable and have a shelf life of up to 10 years, also has a light structure, easy cleaning and can be made with a unique design, according to the client's demands. The Tecnotri, industry expert on rotomoldadas parts production, possess a variety of products that help industries storage and logistics of the most different industries. The plastic pallets, safety deposit boxes, pallets load unitizadores are some examples of the wide variety of articles. One of their featured products is the pallet, piece of high importance to the industrial management. The pallet container, besides having all the features of rotationally molded products, owning the exclusive benefit of ensuring that chemical and flammable liquids do not contaminate the environment during storage and transport processes, ensuring the integrity and excellence of the companies that use it. In addition, the containment pallet is very lightweight, versatile and easy to move around and has a capacity of 100 litres up contention 1000 liters. Want to know more? Visit our website and learn about the variety of rotationally molded Tecnotri designed to assist the logistics companies. Tecnotri. New possibilities in plastic.

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