Meet the new Eco Vertical Tank Tecnotri

Cisterna Eco Vertical

Attention Product Discontinued.

The RECYCLED WATER KIT 100% ecological. CHECK OUT!

Ideal to capture and store rainwater and recycled water, drinking, not the cistern Eco Tecnotri is a Vertical water tank ecologically correct, long service life, easy to install and fully fenced, which prevents the proliferation of the dengue mosquito. Evita O Mosquito Da Dengue Made with 100% recycled material, recycled water Eco Vertical kit is an ecofriendly product, which possess additive UV14 and is available in three storage capacities, with 325, and 1,825 1,100 litres. Very practical and easy to install, without need of any civil work or retirement. Our products are adapted to the environment available! With the cistern Eco Tecnotri Vertical, you can practice the reuse of water, save up to 50% in spending on drinking water and ensure a sustainable and efficient posture in your residence, condo and company. There are so many advantages that's going to be hard not to start now the reuse of water in your daily life, a simple action that can bring great benefits to the environment and to all people. Recycled water Kit Tecnotri.  Plenty of reasons to get you started to reuse the water. Click on the image and check out: Kits Reuso De Agua Tecnotri

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