Water crisis-are you prepared for emergency situations?

It's not news to anyone that the State of São Paulo is facing difficulties due to drought and lack of water supply. Because of this, the Government took drastic measures, creating a contingency plan in the State of São Paulo in Brazil. In cases of emergency, the plan provides for the possibility of emergency casters in the supply of drinking water, in addition to supply infeasibility through tanker trucks. Moreover, in times of contingency is provided for also the restriction of drinking water to industrial and agriculture activities. To prevent yourself from bigger problems, whether in your home, condo or in industries and agricultural activities, it is necessary to collaborate with the conscious use of water and more seek alternatives that can help in the crisis as the use of tanks. A great alternative to avoid water shortage in hard times is the Modular Tecnotri Cistern. Also called Kit recycled water, the reservoir for rain water catchment, with 1000 litres capacity, easy to install and with a modular system, which allows the tanks to be connected in series, thus increasing your storage capacity. The recycled water Kit is the perfect solution to meet this crisis period and ensure water reuse of rain for day to day mundane activities like cleaning, washing of sidewalks, floors, irrigation and even in flush toilets. Recycled water Kit Tecnotri.  Solution for the environment and for people.

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