Meet the New recycled water washing machine Tecnotri

Area Servico 03

Ideal for service area. The 150 litre Tank Tecnotri is a water tank designed for the reuse of water from the washing machine. Compact and simple to install, the reservoir has no current filter, 2 outputs output 1 extravasora and water. Kit Maquina De Lavar 150 Litros Detalhes1b Up to 60 litres of water to be reused for wash cycle: A water reuse system, integrating the washing machine. Simple as that! Just connect the hose to the water outlet of the machine at the entrance of the chlorinator filter rainwater washing machine is ready to be reused. Filtro Clorador 150 Litros Each wash cycle the machine consumes an average of 60 litres of water. With the Reuse of water Tecnotri machine you ensure the conscious use of water in your home and still have a huge savings in the consumption of drinking water. The water reuse stored, can be used for various domestic functions since it is a fresh water and contains just a little SOAP. Cleaning and cleaning the House, sidewalks, garage and cars and even sanitary discharge become more sustainable through the Reuse of water 150 Litre Kit Tecnotri. Safety and sustainability in water safe against dengue, 150 litres tank assures the non-proliferation of the aedes aegypti mosquito, transmitter of dengue, zika virus and chikungunyapor be fully fenced. Evita O Mosquito Da Dengue A product of high resistance, versatility that has UV14 protection, antimicrobial additive and chlorinator filter. Available in 5 colors, blue, Orange, green, beige and gray, can combine easily with your service area. Join the battle against the excessive use of water and ensure the consumption of your home. Baixe O Guia

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