Pallet box and Pallet sleeve: The more efficient Unitizadores of the reverse logistics.

Among the various models and types of plastic pallets from the market, there is a class of pallets that deserves special attention: the pallets unitizadores. Intended to unify segmented loads in the same volume group, the unitizadores pallets guarantee agility, safety and cost reduction in the logistics operations of the companies. FOUND in VERSION PALLET to box and PALLET for The MANGO unitizadores pallets can be configured for a wide range of dimensions and loading capacities according to each need is extremely versatile. Pallet-Manga-various-Sizes in addition, the pallets and box pallets for rotationally molded sleeve, as manufactured by Tecnotri, have special characteristics and attributes, high strength, durability, antimicrobial additive and UV14 protection. Are lightweight, non-toxic products, stackable and versatile that can reduce your volume by up to 70% when not in use. All this avoids risks of accidents, ensures the standardization of transport and the ISO 14000 framework. THERE ARE SEVERAL BENEFITS OF PALLET UNITIZADOR

  • reducing costs and logistical expenses, mainly in reverse logistics;
  • are returnable, reusable for innumerable times;
  • reduction in operating time, increasing the turnover of production cycles;
  • increased productivity and decreased the incidence of losses and thefts of goods;
  • decreased need for labor due to increased automation of the production process;
  • increase the capacity of storage facilities, through greater heights of stacking;
Pallet-Manga-Stacked • optimization of space used. Pallet-Manga-space wants to ensure the success of your logistics management? Go to the website and learn about all the possibilities in plastic, developed to assist your company performance. "click
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