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Time was the only tanks were used to store water and were restricted to corners, the more hidden, the better. Linking environmental awareness to the economy, the recycled water, the Tecnotri, for example, offers convenience in installation and adapt to small spaces. "The equipment requires low investment and low maintenance. The design of tanks that are still buried, integrating them with harmony to the environments, "says the commercial Director of Tecnotri, Roxanne Bidtinger da Silva. The system allows you to collect ash and rain waters, being possible to clorá them after the leaves and filtering particles. The uses for this water "recycled" are various. "Beyond the sidewalks and cleaning vehicles, watering plants, can give discharge in toilets and, when connecting the tank to the washing machine, reuse it in a new cycle, how to wash shoes or rugs, for example," suggests Silva. Water reuse Kit Tecnotri the equipment require a low investment, especially considering the savings generated in the water bill. With capacities ranging from 150 to 1000 L, Tecnotri's kits can be purchased for prices ranging from R $658 R $2,858, on average. "Taking into account variables such as stormwater rates and storage capacities, it is possible to save up to 50% on the amount paid in the making," says the Director. kit-reuse-many-colors In regions where rain is abundant, these systems can be even more beneficial. The filter Rain Rain, hydrology-Sustainable Ideas, for example, has treatment for elimination of microorganisms and pH balance. "After going through the filter, the water is stored in a tank and can be reused not only in washing machines, but also in rega, in the bath, in the preparation of food, for washing dishes and even brush my teeth," said the sales manager of hydrology, Vinícius Ramires. He points out, however, that by being from the rain water is unfit for drinking. filter-rain-rain another characteristic of systems of reuse and water storage is the safety of reservoirs, equipped to avoid the proliferation of Aedes aegypti and other mosquitoes. "The Tecnotri has UV14 and antimicrobial additives that extend the useful life of the product, reducing also the proliferation of fungi and bacteria," says Silva. Already the filter Rain Rain has limestone, responsible for regulating the acidity of the water, and cloradoras tablets, which require periodic exchanges. According to Oliveira, the only prerequisite for the installation is that the residence has up to 150 m2. The investment is of R $688. "The most important thing is that the tank is connected to the gutter, so that you can get as much water as possible," advises Scott. Simple as that. Text: Paula Lopes Build Magazine-architecture and building/House Two Edited 197-June 2016

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