The use of Coolers in logistics of fish from Walmart

The aggregate Load security safes, agility and economy for the carriage of segregated loads, everyone who understands the subject already knows.  They are ideal for food companies, and various other sectors of the market. What not everyone idea is the number of companies that have already joined the use of rotationally molded products such as the vaults of Tecnotri Load, to ensure quality, hygiene and safety in the transport and storage of its products, such as Walmart. The use of Thermal Tecnotri Boxes at Walmart this important supermarket chain uses the Thermal Tecnotri of 900 litres Boxes to make the transport of their products caught on the rocks. With them, the company can ensure that the cargo will arrive to your destination in suitable conditions, since the boxes support temperatures of -35° C to 60° c. In addition, are light and resistant, 100% recyclable and allow direct contact with the food, therefore they possess antimicrobial additive of Kher, i.e. are always free from fungi and bacteria and all accessories are manufactured in stainless steel. The use of Thermal Tecnotri Boxes at Walmart rotomoldadas Tecnotri thermal boxes can be found in 100 liters, 270 litres, 500 litres and 900 litres. All models meet specifications of ANVISA and good manufacturing practices, ensuring the security, and the logistical success of companies and industries that use these products.   Tecnotri bag cooler boxes as well as the Walmart approves and your company will also approve, just choose the model of Tecnotri solution that fits seamlessly into your business.

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