Sustainable Home Uses Tecnotri Cistern

Casa Sustentável

Successful innovation in the market of Brazilian architecture, intelligent houses if conceptualize as residences tied to the great models of technology in construction and stand out by relying on sophisticated automation systems and sustainable awareness. Thinking this principle of sustainability, the HAUS Steel, architecture group, developed the project called HAUS One, the first smart House in the country. The residence has several concepts of sustainability and technology, favoring the social conviviality and comfort. Its construction is based on recyclable materials and certified wood, reducing waste by up to 80% when compared to conventional buildings. To be planned and high quality houses fast production, earn great interest from the public, as they have until 30 different residences combinations suitable for every style of resident. To debut the HAUS One, the Group built a model home, property located in Indaiatuba – SP. Besides having all the qualities described in the concept of residence, yet there's a surprise: the presence of a Modular Tecnotri Tank, installed on the façade of the House model. This Modular Tank model is innovative, with slender, compact format and does not need to be buried, so fits perfectly urban environments in small spaces. Tecnotri tanks are water reservoirs intended mainly to conscious storage of rainwater. Because they are products from rotomolded plastic, a cutting-edge tool for industrial production, have high quality, versatility and security for their customers, because they are 100% recyclable and atoxic, coexist in harmony with the environment. The HAUS Steel, as well as the Tecnotri, says support for sustainable initiatives that are taking more and more space in the Brazilian market, thinking each day in positive attitudes towards the construction of a better world. 1000 L tank with Filter Kit Reuse-Tecnotri "click

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