Vertical Modular Tank: Ideal For Small Spaces.

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Capture and store rainwater by using tanks is an excellent alternative to minimize the problem of the water crisis. The rational use of water is increasingly necessary and in this context, have a cistern is a fundamental part of the solution. With the capture of rainfall water can be reduced by up to 50% the consumption of clean water in a residence. The water collected can be used for watering plants and gardens, wash floors, houses, apart from use in discharge of toilets. Civil entities are engaged in an attempt to minimize the problem of water scarcity. Examples such as the CISTERN, ALREADY a group independent initiative of concerned citizens with the conscious use of water and also the Live Cycle portal, which seeks to educate and inform people about the news in sustainability are increasingly present. The Tecnotri developed a sustainable solution tank for small spaces. The Modular Vertical Tank, with a capacity of up to 1,000 liters of water per module, is a compact tank that adapts well to environments, without requiring much space. Measuring 1, 60 m long, 1.55 m tall and wide 0.64, the reservoir can be used in homes, terraces and balconies. Are also not required major investments for the acquisition and installation of Modular Tecnotri Tank that does not need to be buried, just connect the tank directly to the roof and the filter itself prevents the passage of the leaves to the reservoir. Another important detail is the fact that the Tecnotri own UV additive tank and antimicrobial protection that prevent the proliferation of algae in the tank, in addition to being completely closed, which prevents the proliferation of the dengue mosquito. The Modular Vertical Tank is sustainable, simple and effective solution that can help solve the problem of water scarcity, especially in urban centres where the lack of space and water grows every day.   Recycled water Tank Kit 1000 and 600 Liters Tecnotri

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