The benefits of using Tanks Rotomoldadas

Tanks are water reservoirs, intended primarily for capture and storage of rainwater. But did you know the benefits of using a cistern rotomoldada? Check out the following: Aid to combat the water crisis water reusing stored in tanks can be used for various functions such as cleaning, irrigation and health system, helping to combat shortages and sustainable consumption of water by avoiding the waste of drinking water in cases where it is not necessary. Savings of up to 50% of spending on drinking water one of the main advantages of the tank is the possibility of reduction of up to 50% of spending on drinking water in residence or property, guaranteed economy through the reuse of water, an extremely sustainable. Evita O Mosquito Da Dengue Avoids the proliferation of Aedes Aegypti mosquito. Totally sealed, rotomoldadas Tecnotri tanks are a safety against contamination and proliferation of mosquito of dengue virus, chikungunya, the zika virus. For being a fully fenced reservoir ensures the water storage, without compromoter the environment. Help in fighting the floods in urban centers, tanks work with shells that assist with the collection and storage of rainwater in cities without a good rain, sewage system avoiding the accumulation surplus in rivers. The Modern rotomoldadas and hygienic plastic tanks, plastic tanks from the rotomolding process, are lightweight, sturdy and have special qualities in terms of sanitation. Antimicrobial treatment and UV protection-14 rotomoldadas Tecnotri plastic Tanks are composed of additive antimicrobial and UV14 KHER, which protect against fungi and bacteria and also avoid the proliferation of algae inside the reservoir. Have long life from the polythene tanks rotomoldadas have high robustness and durability ensuring a long service life. Easy to install With differentiated design and innovative concept the Modular Tank 1000 and 600 Litres are Tecnotri references in the tank market. Compact and easy to install these Kits recycled water, do not need to be buried, sufficed to connect your filter directly on the roof. Now that you already know the benefits, how about starting a sustainable attitude with the reuse of water. Recycled water Tank Kit 1000 and 600 Liters Tecnotri

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