The recycled water in HVAC Environments

Reuso De Agua Na Climatizacao De Ambientes

If you already know some possibilities for using the water from rain catchment, as Modular Tecnotri Cistern, it's nice to meet other alternatives-entering the category Environmental management-for the use of these materials, such as in water cooling towers, evaporative condensers and coolers.

Currently the water cooling towers, evaporative condensers and coolers have become important options for energy efficiency in HVAC systems. Existing technologies, to reuse water production, do not differ much from the techniques used in the treatment of stormwater and ashes. All the water rejected the building of roofs, washbasins or condensation drains, are captured and processed in tanks or cisterns. The reuse water tank supplies water replacement in the cooling tower and can also supply water from the closed system (cold water) for air-conditioning in the indoor environments.

This new possibility brings enormous benefits companies and establishments that use it, because your energy efficiency can reach, on average, to be 30% higher than the air cooled systems.

I've confirmed that the Tanks of Tecnotri only offer advantages: easy to assemble and install, affordable, simple maintenance, atoxic, resistant and generate savings of up to 50% drinkable water, are compact and can be installed in small spaces without having to modify the structure of the building, and can be connected in series (modular), increasing storage capacity.

Evita O Mosquito Da Dengue

Another important factor, the recycled water Tecnotri Kits are fully sealed tanks and avoid the proliferation of Aedes Aegyptitransmissor mosquito of dengue, Zika virus and chikungunya. Now you can count with all these attributes of tanks Tecnotri to ensure the sustainable operation of air conditioners, making you one of ours: friends of the environment.

Grupo De Cisternas Tecnotri

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